Climate Active Neighbourhoods project gets go ahead with ESC as partner

Hastings residents will benefit from an innovative project which aims to improve 600 homes in the north east of the town. The project will save residents money by reducing both their energy bills and the carbon emissions from their home and helping to tackle climate change.

The project is funded via an EU scheme called Climate Active Neighbourhoods (CAN). It will run over three years and is a partnership between Amicus Horizon, Hastings Borough Council and Energise Sussex Coast. It will see a total investment of nearly £900 000 and will be used to support various home improvements and resident advice projects.

It’s one of only two areas in the whole of the UK to have been chosen to take part, with similar projects being run in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

The CAN project will seek to improve the energy efficiency of 100 AmicusHorizon owned homes, and 500 private homes. It is also hoped that it will enable a competitive energy tariff to be obtained for all Hastings residents, potentially making worthwhile savings in energy bills for many families across the town. And it will see a major programme of energy advice delivered throughout the town.

AmicusHorizon will survey 100 of its homes to establish the most cost effective measures needed to reduce bills and carbon emissions. This could include fitting wall and loft insulation, new heating systems, LED lighting, draught proofing and renewable energy systems.

Energise Sussex Coast will be training Warm Home Champions to share good practice, opening energy advice centres in the North East Hastings area and commissioning home energy management systems in 100 homes.

Jane Porter, Executive Director Operations at AmicusHorizon, said:

“We’re delighted to have received endorsement and support for this project. This EU investment is great news for Hastings and will enable us to improve the energy efficiency of 100 of our homes and deliver a major programme of energy advice. This is also a great opportunity for AmicusHorizon to work with our local partners, Hastings Borough Council and Energise Sussex Coast, to deliver a programme that benefits both our residents and the wider community.”

Hastings Borough Council’s lead member for housing, Cllr Kim Forward, added:-

“I’m really pleased that this project has been given the go-ahead, which will benefit many local residents. We will play an active role in promoting the project, and will work with local community groups and organisations to support their ideas to tackling climate change in their homes. We will also carry out in-depth research to map domestic energy use across homes in the town, and look at specific measures which can help people reduce their energy use and save them money in the long term.”

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