Fuel Poverty Workshop presentations

Our workshop held at Sussex Coast College on May 13th saw a wide range of speakers coming together to discuss Fuel Poverty in the UK. Below are the speakers presentations saved in easy to view PDF files.

The Fuel Poverty Workshop Agenda outlines the order of speakers on the day.

Session One

Mari Martiskainen Sussex University_ FP workshop

Brenda Boardman 130516
Dr Brenda Boardman policy recommendations

Community Energy South _Fuel Poverty case study

Kayla Ente Fuel poverty case study

Richard Watson _ Case study_ Fuel Poverty

List of case studies and policy recommendations for discussion

Session Two

Amicus_CAN presentation

EnergyLocal tackling fuel poverty Mary Gillie

NEA_ Peter Smith_ Fuel Poverty workshop

National Energy Action policy recommendations

UKPowerNetworks presentation_Hastings fuel poverty event

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